I Saw An End

by heavy bedroom

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Recorded November 2013 and September 2014.
Released Independently October 9 2014.


released October 9, 2014

Alex Maltby - Guitar/singing
Matthew Gilmour - Bass/singing
Cory Lefebvre - Guitar/synthesizers
Tyler Goodman - Percussion
Recorded and mixed by Gary Franks
Mastered by Sam Seguin
Cover art by Penny Davenport (pennydavenport.org)



all rights reserved


heavy bedroom Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Hell Is Not
the evening voice was strong / i try try but it has me / for everything i long / i wanted you the most badly / beneath the sky i moan / the knife in my back / through my mind is shown / hell ain't my habitat / it's been so long / i've been so far thrown / please say you drove / i have no way to get home
Track Name: The Sun And Its Glare
The weight of sweater warm air / is a window for the sun and its glare / goodbye my friend i'm leaving you here
Track Name: I Ate Apples
i invested in / a good map of tangled fields / an atlas of gifts revealed / to me / i decided there / i didn't think my heart would heal / i would run my hands / through thin glass threads of frost / in an orchard i'm lost / i saw them suspended in fog / and i ate apples
Track Name: The Well
i slept in salt / an ocean feeling / everything / is always leaving / mind is gone / my mind it burns for / every love i had no use for / the ache of my face / from staring in the sun / it's here i left my heart / but my heart and i are one / i've seen the well / it's in the forest / there is water / i have sourced it / there is light / and there is poison / of the spines of every organ / and you were the moth from / my dreams and my hand / and stained with wild coffee / forever a dance / and it would rain softly and smell sweet
Track Name: I Saw An End
i am dead dry sand / to heavy hills / like distant friends / but why would you let me leave? / these hands build morning fires / birds black / and my eyes tired / and burn from the smoking / so it goes / and returns / my house of arms / my world of ferns / the thing with which i am concerned / i go there / dead dry sand / to heavy hills /. like distant friends / but would you let me leave again? / and i swear i saw an end / to things i saw again
Track Name: I Left It
it's where the water ends / and where the brush recedes / i left it / and me with my contest / the feelings i don't need / i fell in / the muddy sounds of all / my quiet honesty / that black stream / and lit the ropes on fire / to melt the snow and clean / your body / it's where the water ends / and where the song i sing / i found it / and where the brush recedes / and where the song i sang / i left it