A Place

by heavy bedroom

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released September 30, 2015

Written, performed and recorded by Alex Maltby



all rights reserved


heavy bedroom Ottawa, Ontario

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Track Name: Great Cage
I am inside of a house / wooden boards / hickory corpse / that I protect from skies of unforgiving force / I am outside of a house / there are so many I am outside of / in fact it is all to which I stare / I am around / I think it's south of you / and that great cage that no one seems to see
Track Name: The Flesh Of An Olive
It's soft, not unlike the flesh of an olive / it's the feeling that I get, I don't know what to call it / it's the interior of my bad plans / like the vow that I'll go by my own hand / and fear, was a novel thing / but your eyes carry me to a place that is deep / and still remains kind, but some things just live in my mind / yesterday I was bit by a spider / i suspect there was poison inside her / but I was afraid of the flowers that the cold air of night does bloom / and fear was a novel thing / but your eyes carry me to a place that is deep / and still remains kind, but some things just won't die in my mind
Track Name: To Me It Is Nothing
to me it is nothing / a garden of dead dying things / a journey from nowhere to nowhere / a slow and splintered light / woke me up up once more, sick as a child / and I moved through my doorway / constant always, always constant / the failure of my language / but my heart is unsounding / where I am meant to be / good things happen to me / and I claw my hands in the earth
Track Name: Your Father
I'll always be smiling / when I have visions of you / in dreams that I have dying / hungover on tuesday afternoons / if that's all there is / can you tell my kids / it's been a long time coming / i just really miss her touch / but I would not be lying / if I said I would miss you as much / if thats all there is / could you tell my kids / your father will die / picturing you as a child / the last thought to cross his mind